Election Information for Spring 2020

The Association's Election is Now Underway!  Click on the link to your State Bar District to view the Candidate Statements received to date.  These will be updated as new information is received.  

Ballots for the Board of Trustees were distributed Wednesday, April 15.  Please contact Michele Glasgow at mglasgow@arkbar.com to request a ballot if you did not receive yours.  Also included in the election is an opportunity to vote on the proposed Constitutional Amendment as described below.    Voting ends May 18.  

State Bar District A Candidates

State Bar District B Candidates

State Bar District C Candidates

Board of Trustees

The Association’s membership voted to approve the governance restructure proposal, part of which merges the existing Board of Governors and House of Delegates into a single governing body made up of 60 trustees. The body will consist of fifteen (15) Trustee Districts, with four (4) Trustees elected from each Trustee District.  Each of the initial positions are available for election.  Article IV of the newly adopted Constitution outlines the responsibilities of the Trustees. 

Trustees’ terms shall be staggered and at least one (1) Trustee shall be elected from each Trustee District each year. Members elected to the Board shall serve for a term of three (3) years and shall assume office at the end of the Association’s Annual Meeting held following their election. The term will end at the conclusion of the Association’s Annual Meeting three (3) years later. A member of the Association who serves six (6) years as a member of the Board of Trustees shall be given the status of Tenured Trustee. Tenured Trustees will be ex-officio members of the Board of Trustees with the right to participate in all proceedings but without the right to vote. 

Constitutional Amendment      

Constitutional Amendment as Recommended by the House of Delegates

At their February 7, 2020 meeting the House of Delegates voted to approve the Redistricting Resolution as written by the Redistricting Task Force.  Click here to access a copy of the Resolution.  The resolution adopts redistricting for 2020-2021 and recommends a Constitutional Amendment to create districts that would most closely conform to the principle of “one Member, one vote” representation. The proposed Constitutional change would then apply to the redistricting for 2021-2026  The change is as follows:

Article V, Section 3 (redlined with proposed amendment):
Section 3. Trustee Districts
Within each State Bar District, there shall be five (5) There shall be fifteen (15) Trustee Districts, with four (4) Trustees elected from each Trustee District.”