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  • New Job Available on the Job Board

    There are three positions available through the Job Board. Check it out!

  • 2016 Annual Meeting Concludes with New Bar President Denise Reid Hoggard, Task Force Recommendations

    Chief Justice Howard Brill administers the Oath of Office to Incoming President Denise Reid Hoggard. Watch the video here!

    Mr. John Comstock, Chair of the Taskforce on Maintaining a Fair and Impartial Judiciary reported the findings and recommendations of the Taskforce and requested they be adopted as the policy of the Association. The report included 5 Resolutions that were considered individually. The House ultimately voted to support all five Resolutions, some with amendments from the floor. The final Resolutions as approved can be viewed at

    Jurisprudence and Law Reform Committee Chair Brandon Moffitt presented seven proposed bills to be included in the Association’s legislative package for the next session of the Arkansas General Assembly. Each bill was considered separately with five bills being approved for inclusion in the Association’s 2017 Legislative Package. The bills are as follows:
    1. An Act to clarify that the County Recorder shall not collect a recording fee for a receipt or affidavit generated from the electronic payment of the real property transfer tax
    2. An Act to define the affirmative defense of lack of criminal responsibility
    3. Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act
    4. Uniform Unsworn Foreign Declarations Act
    5. Uniform Voidable Transactions Act
    The full text of the bills will be posted to the Association’s Legislative Resources page:

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