Exhibitor List

Booth 1 The Computer Hut LLC
Booth 2 Legal Directories
Booths 3-5 ArkBar
Booth 6 Bushman Court Reporting
Booth 7 UA Little Rock William H. Bowen School of Law
Booth 8 Midwest Special Needs Trust
Booth 9 Arkansas Investigations
Booth 10 University of Arkansas School of Law
Booth 14 Arkansas Attorney General’s Office
Booth 15 Arkansas Bar Foundation
Booth 16 BXS Insurance
Booth 17 Avansic E-discovery and Digital Forensics
Booth 20 Courthouse Concepts
Booth 21 TeleComp
Booth 24 Identillect Technologies
Booth 25 Glaub Farm Management
Booth 26 Guardian Forensics & Data Recovery, LLC
Booth 27 Esq. Realty Group
Booth 35 SOLDasap, LLC
Booth 36 Arkansas Administrative Office of the Courts
Booth 40 Arkansas Community Foundation
Booth 46 Alaris
Booth 47 CKC Consulting
Booth 48 Stafford Auction & Realty
Booth 51 Kirkham IT
                Arkansas Access to Justice Commission
                Legal Aid of Arkansas
                Arkansas Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program

Stop and Shop Booths
Five Dollar Bling-Paparazzi
Fresh Mountain Soaps
Pure Soy Candels